50% Husk chip & 50% Fine coir

Expands and fluffs up to approximately 60 litres

Compressed coir block

weight - between 4 and 5 kg
For use as planting media / substrate. Can be mixed with Potting mix to increase Air-Fill Porosity in the mix - promoting better plant growth, or even as a straight media. Coir has many tiny 'caves' and pores which hold onto water and nutrition so it isn't flushed through the mix so quickly. Precision Coir is made from the pith of coconut husks, and coir Husk Chips are made by dicing the coconut husk into cubes.


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Coir block 4.5 kg 50-50 Power


For Propagation and Young plants.

Power is a combination of fine pith with chip. It can be used as an additive to a potting mix or plants can be planted directly into it. This has become a very popular mix in Australia as we have cold wet winters and the extreme heat of our summers. It has a high CEC that promotes healthy, robust root growth.
Our Coir is a 100% natural, organic material and is a very stable product. You can depend on the quality and consistency of Tropicoir for the precise standards required in successful plant growth.

Comprehensive quality control systems ensure a consistently high quality product that will provide you with superior growing results.
All coir products are produced under the Dutch RHP standards for growing media therefore ensuring a high quality product for your plants.

All  Coir products are produced from sustainable and renewable resources. The well planned cultivation and maintenance of Sri Lanka’s coconut plantations ensures the future sustainability of the Coir products.

It is manufactured under strict quality control standards.
Simply add 25 litres of water to a wheelbarrow and soak the block to expand. GIVE IT A TRY!

• 100% natural, organic and renewable resource
• Very high quality
• high water holding capacity
• Promotes healthy root growth
• Very stable physical structure
• Produced under Dutch RHP standards for growing media

• Designed for most plants.
• Soil conditioner
• Home growers
• Commercial growers

• 4.5 kg bales

Available in 3 Grades:
POWER (50% Coconut Husk Chip & 50% Coconut Pith fines), PRECISION (Coconut Pith Fines for seedlings) & HUSK CHIP (very large Chip size)

*Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the product. No plants are included in this sale.


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